SpreadServe 0.4.2c notesΒΆ

Install notes

  • Log in to spreadserve.com first: when you start SpreadServe on a new server for the first time, SpreadServeEngine will handshake with spreadserve.com and specify its owner using sseng.ini:OWNER and its hostname using %SSROOT%\cfg\dns_host_name.txt if present. You will only be able to set permissions for your new install via spreadserve.com’s Permissions page if you’ve logged in to spreadserve.com previously with an email address matching the one in sseng.ini:OWNER.
  • Port 80 or 8090: RealTimeWebServer defaults to 8090. If you stay with this default you should fix %SSROOT%\cfg\dns_host_name.txt to be myhostname:8090. If you want to run on port 80 make sure no other process like IIS is on 80, that you’re running with high enough rights to bind to port 80, and that you fix %SSROOT%\cfg\webcfg.py:RTWSPort=80.

Offline license key

Firewall rules may prevent your SpreadServe install phoning home on port 80 to spreadserve.com. Or you may want to avoid sharing any information about commercially sensitive spreadsheets. In those cases you’ll need an offline license key, which is free during the SpreadServe beta. The key below is good for any host until 2017-07-31. Paste it into %SSROOT%\cfg\license.txt: